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WHoever agrees with me that Shinichirou Miki is the best seiyuu?
I mean: Kurz Weber. Yohji Kudoh. Naruse Yukihiko. Shinou. WTF! I mean his voice is so much recognizable! As I first recognized it I though: Hey isn't this the voice of Yohji? Then realisation came: Shinou = Yohji. Then I heard Kurz and I though: Wow, it IS him! And ever since then I'm a fan. Best seiyuu ever, really.

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*Sneaks into the computer lab* I have a quiz later this afternoon that's why I decided to drop by and look for some inspiration *coughMIKI-SAMAcough*.... Uhm.... does someone here have Miki's song Black Angel? I've been dying to hear this song so much!!! Thanks!!! ^.^
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For Sale!

Due to being very short on money at the moment, I need to throw something up for sale.

I've got a copy of the Weiss Kreuz seiyuu photobook Du Lugst that needs a home. It's in pretty good condition. The dust cover is a bit dirty, but I'll try and clean that up a bit before sending it out. It comes with the original dust cover and the paper strip that wraps around the cover and tucks inside as well. It's in awesome shape other than the dirtiness of the front cover.

The binding is in pretty good shape, one area in the back where it's cracked a bit and the book will almost lay flat, but that's the only damage to it. The pages are in great condition and nothing is falling out.

Picture-wise... there are a LOT of pictures in here that I hadn't seen prior to finding the book. Lots of great pics of all four seiyuu, group shots, solo shots, just lots of beautiful stuff. It's all in colour, no text pages or anything, and is a must-have for anyone who's a fan of these four talented seiyuu.

I paid a decent amount for this, so I don't want to let it go too cheap, but I will entertain all offers. I need the money ASAP to pay my electric bill. *curses automatic debits from the account she forgot about* I'll ship anywhere in the world, but all shipping is paid for by the buyer. Flat-rate Priority shipping in the US is like... $3.85 if I'm not mistaken, and that's in a nice cardboard envelope, so lots of protection.

I have to sell this! Please make an offer! ;_________;

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"One Night Cruising" MP3?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has the "One Night Cruising" mp3 he did? It's the ending them for Haru Wo Daiteita, and I'm going crazy because I can't find it. Does anyone have it uploaded, know where I could download it, or send it me through AIM? My sn is T2Wild4AChild. I hope someone can help, thanks in advance.

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No longer under construction! Go look go look!! *fangrilsqueestonoendinsite*
If anything, going to the address and watching the flash video and hearing him welcome you to the site is enough!!

He's got two wallpapers made, not to mention countless other little piccies that he's taken. (btw, his puppy is sooo cuuuuteeee!!)

And this is his personal site as well. It says so. =3

He also has link banners!
Miki-ha! (Miki Party!)

(this one is smaller: )
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Some music of the RoST variety

I've uploaded some RoST music for everyone to enjoy! ^_^

If you're not familiar, RoST is a group comprised of Miki Shinichirou, Hideo Ishikawa, and Rumi Kasahara. Great music. Love love...

So for those of you that have missed prior downloads of this music, here it is again... Maybe some new RoST fans will pop up. ^_~

I've also included a list of most, if not all, of the songs I have where Miki has sung. I haven't uploaded any of these because there are so many, but I may be able to entertain requests if there's something you would like for me to upload. Just leave a comment asking for the particular song and I'll do my best to get it uploaded for you. On the same note, if you have some songs that I don't have, I would love to get more of his music. And if any of the tags I have on my songs are incorrect, please let me know. This is the informations as I have it and I can't verify that all of it is correct.

Anyway! On to the music [and the downloads!]

Large table of music and such behind the linkCollapse )

Let me know if any of the links don't work or lead to the wrong thing. I was uploading 6 & 7 at a time and may have messed things up. Just let me know! Thank you!

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