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I digivolved Miki into a kitten XDDD

Miki is still a kitten. (check the last post ^^)

I don't know why I decided to draw him sad ._. he looks sad. Maybe I was feeling that way. I like to express my feelings by drawing but now that I see him like that I can see that sometimes he inspires me that feeling oO
I just wish for him to be happy ^^ Next time I'll draw a happy Miki ^__^ promise!!
But for now, see ya later ^_~

Hope you enjoy it

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That is so cute!
Aww! *__*

I feel strange asking this but... I have a request! I just claimed Miki-sama (muhaha) from a community, and I was wondering if you'd let me use one of your adorable images to make a banner for my profile. I would credit you, of course, 'cause they're just soooo cute and you're awesome! ^___^ Let me know!
XDDD of course you can use them ^^ no problem

You claimed Miki!!?? where?? <<>> I want to claim Miki too T^T
would you share him with me? plis ^^ you can also add me to your friend list if you like XD so I can add you too ;D.

I'll be posting more Miki fanarts XDD I'm so glad that you like them XDDD that give me more strenght to continue :D

When you use the banner let me know so I can see ok? :D
Eeee! You're so nice! ^___^

I claimed him from claim_asia where, technically, I don't think you can have more than one person claiming him, but... we can share him anyway!! XD

I wasn't sure if you'd agree, so I made a Miki-sama banner from a picture I found, but since your fanart is soooo cuuuute, I'd still love to use it as a second banner! If you check my profile soon, you'll see it!
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank youu!! X3

No need to be shy XDD you can use my fanart ^.^ feel free to use them at any moment and thanks you for your lovely comments. I checked your profile and O.O guauu you claimed Jakie~chan? XDDD how nice!! you claimed many XD also I liked so much your LJ layout of Spike :3

I'll try to claim him XDDD and thanks to share him with me :3 so happy *smiles widely* also I added you to my friend list :3

See ya then Lauri~chan ^O^
Welcoooooooome!! ^__^

I just added you back, and made a post to claim_asia to see if we can offically share the Miki claim! XD Hopefully they'll be nice and let us.

And yes! I loooooove Jackie Chan!! *____*

Hehe thank you again!